Difficult mornings are made easier with sunrises
I’m excited to be speaking at #APIDaysParis next week. Join me for our ‘OAuth by Example’ workshop on Monday as well as the CIAM focused ‘Customers in the Crosshairs’ on Tuesday.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning #wewillrememberthem

One of the many reasons I love working remotely #cats_of_instagram

I had time for a quick walk around SF this morning, every day is better when you catch the sunrise
Awesome summary on why blindly adopting agile practices doesn’t actually help your developers.

“Go async and kill your standups. They’re pointless anyway.” – @_mttyng


In Abu Dhabi and Dubai this week for eCrime congress
eCrime Congress

Presenting: Customers in the Crosshairs

Abstract: As users now expect more from the organisations they interact with online managing the identity of your customers is becoming much more complex. Password dumps, multiple devices and poor MFA adoption put pressure on security and development teams. All the time your competition is waiting in the wings to offer an alternative if your offering doesn’t meet the customer’s expectations.

A quick stop here on a walk through Paris today. Definitely my favourite part of work travel is some of the things I find when I’m not really looking for them.
Paris Identity Labs

Presenting: Identity as Code

Abstract: Users now have more complex identities than ever before; federated accounts, second-factor authentication, and multiple devices all these conditions need to be tested, but how? This talk will examine the minefield of identity and authentication in your pipeline and how your team can traverse this to ensure that you are testing all the conditions without resorting to manual steps.

Presenting: TLDR: OAuth

Abstract: An introduction to modern web authentication and authorization and how we got here and the road bumps along the way.