Oktane is Okta’s annual customer event normally held in person is San Fransico but the last couple of year obviously has been online. In 2020 is was a last minute pivot to online and still managed to deliver a fantastic event. This year the team has had much longer to prepare and has outdone themselves.

I was lucky enough to be asked to speak alongside two of my US colleagues and our customer Crate and Barrel. The recordings from all the sessions at Oktane are now being posted to YouTube and really recommend checking out some of the big things we have coming for this year.

Presenting: Captivate Your Target Audience with an All-Around Customer Identity Experience

Abstract: Great customer experiences are no longer just nice to have, they’re a key differentiator between you and your competitors. Consumers seek brands that share characteristic attributes or values that they identify with, and they value connections with brands that give them opportunities for self growth. To build that connection with your consumers, achieving a true 360-degree view of your users requires a digital identity platform that tracks all of their interactions online and offline. And your customers also care about security, and your business’s reputation relies on keeping your customers’ personal data secure. Okta’s CIAM solutions allow you to know who your customers are, and enable you to create engaging experiences, while ensuring a secure, seamless and straightforward customer experience for them, at all touch points along the customer journey.