Once again in January I headed to the Excel centre in London to attend NDC. NDC (the conference formally known as Norweign Developers Conference) has been my conference of choice for the last few years, I feel it provides a great mix of technical and soft skills sessions, great networking and the best conference food going.

The conference organisers go to the fantastic effort of recording every presentation and making these freely available on Vimeo. So below is my list of attended sessions and the links to the recordings, I’ll try to update these as the videos come up. In my list below are a few sessions I missed in person but heard good things about or spotted on the talk rating board (yes, there is a board in the vendor hall showing the best rated talks).


Keynote: Javascript, The Cloud, and the Rise of the New Virtual Machine - Scott Hanselman  Video Outline IoT and Cortana Analytics - a winning combination - Chris Hewitt Outline Pragmatic development at Stack Overflow - Marco Cecconi Outline A system is not a tree - Kevlin Henney Outline How to deal with culture divide - Internal Advocacy with Distributed Teams - Laura Czajkowski Outline

Shall I Compare Thee to a Line of Code - Lauren Scott Outline Analyzing GitHub commits with R - Barbara Fusinska Outline Autonomy, Connection and Excellence: The Building Blocks of a Knowledge Work Culture - Michael “Doc” Norton Outline Ship it! How to do what not to do - Ed Blackburn Outline Introduction to IdentityServer - Brock Allen Video Outline Learn. Reflect. Repeat - Melinda Seckington Outline Acceptance Testing for Continuous Delivery- Dave Farley Outline


Test Automation without a headache: Five key patterns - Gojko Adzic  Video Outline 50 Shades of AppSec - Troy Hunt Video Outline Testing with No Harm - Enrico Campidoglio Video Outline Don’t Make Me Feel Stupid - A. User - Liam Westley Outline The Quest for the Next Evolution of Infrastructure Management - Paul Stack Outline Cryptography in .NET - Stephen Haunts Outline .NET Rocks Live (containers and microservices) Video Outline


What’s next? How we use feedback to decide what to build - David Simner Outline 5 Anti-Patterns in designing APIs - Ali Kheyrollahi Outline Business Mapping: turning the lights on - Dan North Outline No excuse user research - Lily Dart Outline Beyond Features - Dan North Outline IoT: Gold Rush or Wild West - Niall Cooling Outline Making Hacking Child’s Play - Troy Hunt Video Outline Everything i know about computers, I learned from the movies - Mark Rendl Video Outline


While looking for the videos for this post I saw that the session videos from ProgramUtvikling Security Day have also started making an appearance on their channel so I’ll be making my way through those also.