I was lucky enough to get hold of a beta invite to DropBox several months ago and really enjoyed working with it. DropBox is a online synchronisation tool allowing files to be held in the cloud and accessed from their website or from the desktop using a client. While reinstalling my system before returning to uni I had overlooked DropBox it was this post from Joel on Software that sparked me to reinstall it.  The now latest public build seems to be incredibly stable and much more performant than previous releases.  Joel’s post presents the true power of such tools by combining the file system functionality of DropBox with PasswordSafe (or Password Gorilla for Mac and Linux) it is now possible to store all your passwords safely in the cloud allowing them to be pulled down and used on any terminal you can install DropBox to.

With the massive availability of netbooks at the moment the marketability of such online storage storage solutions is growing incredibly.  One piece of functionality I would like to see in DropBox is an option to restrict which files to synchronised to the desktop. While the storage capacity is only 2GB this is still a lot of data to be pulled down every time a new install is made.