Day 2 at this stunning venue for the National DevOps Conference

Presenting: Identity as Code

Abstract: Users now have more complex identities than ever before; federated accounts, second-factor authentication, and multiple devices all these conditions need to be tested, but how? This talk will examine the minefield of identity and authentication in your pipeline and how your team can traverse this to ensure that you are testing all the conditions without resorting to manual steps.

Thank you to everyone who came to my talk at #nationaldevopsconf today. If you missed it don’t worry as I have been asked to repeat this session tomorrow.
Heading to #nationaldevopsconf today, if you are attending come to see my talk on testing user identity at 11.30 to learn about handling users in your deployment pipeline

Sometimes you get bored of cities and need to find some ‘landscapes under glass’

Nice finish to my first trip to Seattle, chilled afternoon working in the sun beside a sparkling lake Washington.

Went to see the moon today in one of my favourite buildings #elysciencefestival

I’m proud to say my first article was recently published over at guiding you through the process of creating a universal javascript applications with Nuxt.js.

You can check out the full article here.

While I’ve written technical material here in the past its been largely to get it out of my own head. So it was really interesting to be guided through the editing and review process by Okta’s awesome devrel team.

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Unexpected Orwell in Southwold
Excited to be heading down to #AWSSummitLondon today. Come and discuss better digital identity at the @okta booth S12.